jeudi 30 avril 2015

C# How To create GUI program

I was wondering if someone can give me an idea on how to start this? I need a step by step guide if possible?

using a GUI interface, Create a scrubbing program that has 2 methods (ScrubData, ReplaceData)

that takes in a file - allow the user to upload the file. Do a try catch to make sure they don't load the wrong file - I will ask you to load a random file to make sure you program does not load it.









generate random numbers for col 1 (ssn).

Extra credit store in array the random number and reuse

random number for multiple ssn's that match...any place where NICK FAVAZZA ssn is defined should be the same for the random number used throughout.

In col 3, generate random letters for the number of characters for the last name

in col 4, put replace numbers to 'X' for all but the last 4.

in col 5, check to see if the amount is greater than 100. create a new column at the end that says yes or no if the amount is greater than 100

and then recreate the file.

Real Data file “data.txt”

Scrubbed Data file “data_scrubbed.txt”

Please make sure to following correct naming conventions and put in comments that would help someone who knows nothing about the program to follow along. Also, since this is a GUI (Graphical User Interface), make it look appealing. Make sure to place the two methods I showed you in class as two separate methods (GetRandomLetter, GetRandomNumber).

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