jeudi 30 avril 2015

How do I make a photo upload form for users?

So i want people to go on my website, upload a picture and then the website saves it and waits to be published and it continues to the website where I want them (the user) to choose two other pictures already on the webiste. Once they check a box on both the two pictures, it will then submit it to their social media, their picture that they first tried to upload will NOW be published on the website. How should I go about this. I only know HTML and Java.Hardly anything at all. -------I am really trying to make the upload form that only allows pictures the size of your thumb and save it in the background. The window should hide and then they should be able to find two pictures, check them, post them, and tada! their upload has been published. but HELP ME WITH THE UPLOAD FORM THAT I MENTIONED. tHANK YOU!!!

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