mercredi 29 avril 2015

Registering a File System in Apache Drill

I'm trying to register a file system in Apache drill but it doesn't work.

I tried these steps:

  1. Navigate to http://localhost:8047, and select the Storage tab.
  2. In the New Storage Plugin window, enter a unique name and then click Create.
  3. In the Configuration window, provide the following configuration information for the type of file system that you are configuring as a data source.a.

I entered:

{  "type": "file",  
      "enabled": true,  
      "connection": "file:///",  
      "workspaces": {    
       "root": {      
        "location": "/root/data/json",      
        "writable": false,      
        "storageformat": null    
       "formats" : {      
          "json" : {         
            "type" : "json"      

  1. update.

every time when I press the button my code is deleted, Result: null

There is a instance created but without content.

Any ideas?

Thanks! Siar

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