jeudi 30 avril 2015

Simple Encryption and Decryption of a String using a Password in Java

I have the following problem: I have an application that needs some passwords for git and a db etc. I want to write all the passwords into a file, so the user doesn't have to enter all the passwords after starting the application. The user enters only a masterpassword and then all the other passwords can be decrypted and encrypted ( if he enters a new password ) with his masterpassword. The code should look like this:

String masterPassword = getMasterpassword()
String encryptedPassword = getPasswordFromFile("git")
String clearPassword = decryptPassword(encryptedPassword, masterPassword)
String masterPassword = getMasterpassword()
String clearPassword = getClearPassword("Please enter the password")
writeToFile("git",encryptPassword(clearPassword, masterPassword)

I don't need a incredibly secure encryption. It's important, that the encryption is not done randomly, because i have to decrypt the password after the restart of the application.

Btw. I'm using Scala. But an it doesn't matter if the explanation is for Java or Scala.

I realy hope you can help me! Thanks!

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