lundi 29 juin 2015

One ifstream variable, multiple files c++ (programming help)

Can you use one ifstream variable to have multiple files?

I have a program that successfully reads all the files in a directory. However, while reading, the program only reads the first file, and puts all its lines into a vector. All the other files are not read.

I tried to use the clear() function but it still doesn't work. Help please!

Here is the code:

//This part prints all the files and works fine.

    for (unsigned int i = 0;i < files.size();i++) {
            cout << files[i] << endl;

int iteratora = -1;

string line;//variable for holding the characters in one line
vector<string> programFile = vector<string> ();
//ignore this line vector<string> librariesIncluded;

for (unsigned int i = 0; i < files.size();i++ ){//for loop start

    string filename1 = files[iteratora];

        cout << "\n" << filename1 << ".\n";
        cout << "Iterator: " << iteratora << ".\n";

    fstream afile (filename1);//(filename1);

    string line;//variable for holding the characters in one line

    if (afile.is_open())
        while ( getline (afile,line) )
            //cout << line << '\n';
            if (line != ""){
            line = "";



   print_vector(programFile);//used to know what is in the file

      do stuff with 'programFile'


}//loop end

print_vector() definition

void print_vector(const vector<string> &v)
    for (auto i = v.begin(); i != v.end(); ++i)
        cout << "\n";
        std::cout << *i;
        cout << "\n";


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