mardi 30 juin 2015

Photo Website ( Database / Disk / Folders) Management

I'm planning to make a photo website and i'm having some doubts about how to proceed.

There will be several users and i'm wondering about how to store/retrieve their uploaded pictures etc...

I'm guessing , the links to the pictures location/names will be stored in the mysql database linked to their account. (Php)

However , i'm not sure if all the pics (from all users) should be uploaded to a single main folder or if i should have a specific folders for each user.

Will it be feasible to have a folder for each user , so their uploaded pics go directly there.

Like if there are many users and i also allow them to create albums(new folders within their main one) - how will it fare in the long run.

Will it be more resource consuming for the server or make no difference.

If anyone has any better ideas how to proceed with my current dilemma , please share your thoughts.


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