dimanche 28 juin 2015

Python 2.7 - Are there "data files" in python that can be used to carry computed values?

I have a program, which first calculates a large number of things, then use them to plot something. I have access to two computers - the first one is fast, but isn't able to plot what I want. The other one is slow, very slow, so asking him to do the calculation part is really annoying - around one hour to wait. But he's able to plot what I want when he gets the values.

So here's my question : is there a sort of file that can be used to store computed values ? That I'd just have to load from the other computer, once carried in, for exemple, a USB key, and all values would be loaded.

I mean there, something other than a .txt that could be read and analysed. Such a thing would be easy to do with numbers or strings, but when it comes to instances of usermade classes, it's less funny all of a sudden.

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