lundi 29 juin 2015

Read file in ruby getting output as spaces in character

I have stored variable output to the file through powershell script. Ex: 7644511AAFCFBA6A0CC4706F3AA795BB86 stored in file.txt

After that I read the data from the file and stored it in the variables using ruby script.

When I print the variable it is printing the data with spaces in between characters. Ex: ■7 6 4 4 5 1 1 A A F C F B A 6 A 0 C C 4 7 0 6 F 3 A A 7 9 5 B B 8 6 E D 5 3 3 0

I want to store the data in a variable with out any spaces between characters. I tried a lot, but could not find the solution. Please give me your valuable suggestions.

I am doing this in windows platform

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