mardi 30 juin 2015

Search and Execute?

I'm new to coding and have a project I am currently undertaking. I have accomplished most of the code, but have gotten stuck on a certain aspect of the project.This would be on how to search for a specific folder for a text file, and get the dir info for that file to be used in third party applications. As of now, I can have the program be completed by having the user manually click on a "browse" button, and load the file selected, which the rest of the program will automate afterwards. My issue is having the program do this without user input.

For example, when the program initially executes, I would like it to search a specific folder for the first text file by date and time, and get the dir info. From that point on, I can load the file name in a text box to have the user visually see what they are about to send, and load the file into a few third party applications. I would then like the user to hit ,"send", have the file sent through the processes, delete itself in the end, and then have the program load the next file in the same folder. My only issue at the moment is having the program load the first file automatically. Like i said before, I was able to accomplish every other task, but by only having a browse option and having the user manually select the file. Any help in this matter would be greatly appreciated!

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