mercredi 28 octobre 2015

Unable to print file contents in swift

I'm back once more with another issue. In my attempt to learn swift Ive decided that writing a bunch of small, random, playground scripts, that i can go back and use as references later on is a good place to start.


What I'm working on now, is a small script that uses 2 different ways to read the same file, printing the file contents when finished.

Using quite a few tips I found here on stack (aswell as the official docs) Ive managed to piece together a script that should do the above goal. (Please excuse the heavy commenting, as these are references)

//Import for use of NSString
import Foundation

//Set file locations
let location = NSString(string:"/Users/me/Desktop/file.txt").stringByExpandingTildeInPath
//Make fileContent = data within file
let fileContent = try? NSString(contentsOfFile: location, encoding: NSUTF8StringEncoding)
//print content of file
print("The file contains:\n", fileContent, "\n")

//set filename
let filename = "file.txt"
//set document path
let documentsPath = "/Users/me/Desktop"
let destinationPath = documentsPath + "/" + filename
//read file
let data: NSData? = NSData(contentsOfFile: destinationPath)
print("The file contains:\n", data, "\n")


I have created the file in the given location, Yet no matter how i try to work either bit of code, I recieve 'nil' as my file contents (which is simply 'hello world')

The file is a simple text file, UTF8 made with textwrangler. There is no free space before or after my string in the file. Any ideas would be greatly appreciated.

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