jeudi 5 novembre 2015

Cannot upload a MP4 file to Plone 3.1.1

I have an MP4 file that I have been trying to upload for four days. It is a 48 minute long video of a webinar training conducted, so I need to put it on Plone so that it can be accessed by staff. When I try to upload it, a small box in the lower corner shows Updating X%, but it keeps running from 0 to 100% over and over again. I left it running overnight and it still never uploaded. It's stuck in some type of loop. I am able to upload other files, including other MP4 files. I originally thought it was the video, so I reproduced it in my video editing software. Same results. It does not matter how I save the video (different resolutions, different fps, different bitrates, different extensions), this video will not upload. I have tried from my office, a co-worker's office, and my home to see if it was a network issue. I have used different user accounts and had others try to upload it. We have used multiple browsers. I cannot find an error messages to tell em what is going on. We even rebooted the server. Has anyone else ran into this? Is there a hidden place for error messages? I am frustrated with this. If additional information is needed, please contact me. Due to confidentiality, I cannot provide the video itself.

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