mercredi 4 novembre 2015

Checking User Input Against List Python 3.x

I have to take numbers from a text file, put them in a list, and ask the user for a number and tell them whether it's in the list or not.

this is what I have:

#read numbers to list
infile = open('charge_accounts.txt','r')
lines =
list1 = [lines]

#ask user for #
inp = str(input('Enter an account number: '))

#determine if input is in list
#display invalid/valid
if inp in list1:
    print('valid number')
    while inp not in list1:
        print('invalid entry')
        inp = input('try another number: ')
        if inp in list1:
            print('valid number')

The problem is it thinks all inputs are invalid. I assume I either messed up converting the file to a list or with the while loop but I don't know what to fix.

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