mercredi 4 novembre 2015

Doxygen not updating comments for duplicate files

I am using doxygen to provide comments to some .c and .h files (file level comments only). There are some files which are duplicated (same name) and are present in different subfolders. So, when I provide comments for these files, doxygen is not updating it in the generated html file.

I read doxygen command description provided at below link and tried providing the path for such files to make them unique but that also not working.

The options I tried till now are as below. Consider, Nm.h is the file having multiple copies:

1. /*! \file Nm.h * \brief Header file */ 2. /*! \file \sgdcc\checkdrive\test\Nm.h * \brief Header file */ 3. /*! \file sgdcc\checkdrive\test\Nm.h * \brief Header file */

Comments are not getting updated even for a single file. I tried proving short path as well as full path but nothing is working.

I am compliling doxygen through ClearCase and the doxygen version used in it is 1.8.2

Please help me in resolving this issue.

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